How to view source code

How to view source code? First you can try View Page Source tool to see the source. This tool works in ALL browsers!


Apple’s iPhone and other iOS devices do not provide a simple way to view the source code. On these devices, it can only be viewed through third party apps, adding code to your bookmarks, or using our service on to see the source code directly.


Under Preferences, go to Advanced, and check the Show Develop menu in menu bar box. Now use the keyboard combo Command + Option + u to show the source code panel. Or right click on the web page and click Show Page Source.


On an Android device, open the website in the Chrome browser, go to the location bar, and before the URI, add view-source: (e.g. view-source: Then touch the right arrow (→) on the keyboard.


Open the desired website and right click anywhere on the page. Then select View Page Source. Or go to the top menu of your browser and view the source from there. You can also choose “Inspect” from the right click menu to see more details.


In Mozilla Firefox, viewing the source code of the current website is quite simple. Open the web page, and use the keyboard shortcut combo Control + u, or go to the menu, and under Tools, go to Web Developer and click Page Source.


In Microsoft Internet Explorer, open the web site, and use the keyboard shortcut combination Control + u. Alternatively, go to the menu, and under View, click Source. It really is as simple as that in most versions of Internet Explorer.


Samsung Internet is the default web browser on many phones. To view the source, open any site, and go to the location bar. Add view-source: before the URI (e.g. view-source: and click go.


In the address bar, type about:flags and open the options page. Enable the Show “View source” and “Inspect element” in the context menu checkbox. Now you should be able to right click on any page and click View source.


In Opera, simply open the desired website, and press Control + U to view its source code. Or right click somewhere on the page and select Page source from the dropdown menu. You can also go to developer tools by pressing Control + Shift + I.