HTML tags

HTML tags, whether you are a complete novice who hopes to get into the world of web design or an advanced website designer who wants to improve your skills, when starting to build a website you have to write everything in HTML code. In this article you will read more about the basic HTML tags to start up a website. With HTML editors you can easily create a website, but it is always nice to know the basics of how to create a website.

What is HTML?

When you are creating a website, you are doing this in HTML code. HTML is the language used to create webpages and which make them function. To make the HTML code more visually appealing, website developers make them into a code that is called CSS. HTML was created for the first time by Robert Cailiau, Tim Berners-Lee and others in 1989. Literally HTML means Hyper Text Markup Language. The hypertext tells other users that this HTML file contains links that will give the reader the ability to jump to other spots in the document or to a completely other linked document.

What are HTML tags?

HTML tags show other readers of the document what the start of a HTML element is. Usually HTML tags are posted in angle brackets. An example of a HTML tag is h1 . In order to work, the HTML tags need to be opened h1 and closed /h1 to make them work.

Examples of HTML tags

Every HTML page at least contains the following HTML code:

  • A head tag signals to readers that this page contains HTML code from this point on
  • A body tag implies the moment where the content of the page is written down
  • With heading tags you can create different sizes for your headings. In HTML code there are six sizes of headings available. To use these headings, use the HTML tag h1 h2 , h3 , h4, h5 or h6.
  • With a paragraph tag use structure the text in the body into multiple paragraphs. You simply use the HTML tag p. The text you want to write into the paragraph goes inbetween the opening and closing paragraph tag.

HTML editor for HTML coding

It can be difficult for a beginner to create a full website. HTML editors help you to make the perfect webpages. It is also a way to check if there are any mistakes written in the HTML code for the website. Especially when the HTML code is written in a big file, it can be difficult to find the error in the document. An automated tool as a HTML editor discovers the unnecessary errors in the HTML code for you, so you can avoid these kind of problems. Learn more about the HTML editor here.