HTML cleaner

Is your website having trouble to load in a proper way? Or do you want to make your webpage user friendly? A HTML cleaner removes all the unnecessary white space, comments, quotes and end tags in HTML documents. In this way, web browsers will identify the content of your website easier, which results in a shorter load time and smaller bandwidth. With a HTML cleaner it is possible to make a HTML document up to 20 percent smaller than the original size. This reduces web page responsiveness, download time and web server storage requirements. Would you like to know more about a HTML cleaner? Get in contact with us via our website.

The benefits of a HTML cleaner

When you are creating a website with HTML, Javascript or CSS source code, you use lots of whitespaces, well-named variables and comments to create the optimal design code which is also good to read. A lengthy and expanded source code is also a great guideline for other website developers who might continue to develop your website. The comments show the website developer what has been worked on and what he must take into account. The expanded source code therefore serves an important purpose. As soon as the website is completed though, the lengthy source code becomes a disadvantage for visitors of your website. Web browsers and servers need to analyze every line of HTML content to determine what the website is about. It is therefore important that you shorten the source code with a HTML cleaner. This will speed up the loading of your website, make it user friendly and will generate more traffic to your webpage.

How to use a HTML cleaner

Creating a shorter, compressed HTML code with a HTML cleaner is easy. The HTML cleaner removes all the unnecessary comments, white spaces, quotes and end tags within your HTML documents. It is also possible to delete all styles, images, scripts and active content from your HTML documents. Besides that, it will also use shorter variations for functions and variable names. With this method, you can shrink the file size enormously. For website developers, using a HTML cleaner is therefore standard practice.

The importance of a HTML cleaner

A HTML cleaner gives visitors of your website a better experience. The website will load quicker and creates the ability to browse between pages easier. Writing and managing a clean HTML version can be difficult though. Particularly when the HTML source code is contained in a big file. When you for example delete an essential part of the HTML code, your website may not work at all. An automated tool as HTML cleaner finds the unnecessary parts of the source code for you, so these kind of problems can be avoided. Learn more about a HTML cleaner via our website.