Structured data tool

Google Search does everything it can to understand the content of a webpage. By giving explicit clues on your website about the meaning of your content, you can give Google solid clues. A good way to do this, is via structured data. Structured data is a standardized format in which you give information about a webpage and classify the content of the page. For example, when the website is about a recipe, the structured data will for exampl einclude the cooking time and temperature, the ingredients, the calories. Google uses these structured data to understand the content of a website, but also to collect information about the world and the internet in general. Therefore, it is key to provide Google with the right information about your website. With a structured data tool you can easily check if the structured data of your webpage is providing the right information for Google. Try the structured data tool now or get more information about our structured data tool here.

How structured data improves your SEO

Structured data makes your webpage more understable for Google. It doesn’t directly help you to rank higher in the Google search results though. However, structured data does provide you with other benefits. The four most important ones are:

  • Get rich results

    Structured data ends up in the rich results of Google. Rich results are search results in Google that offer visual attractive information pulled from your structured data. Rich snippets increase the amount of clickthrough rates to your website and increase the amount of organic traffic to your page.

  • Get into the Knowledge Graph of Google

    The Knowledge Graph of Google is a base of knowledge of all entitles and their relationships. You, your company, your products and your brands all have the power to become an identity based and influenced by structured data. Your brand can for instance become a Knowledge Panel that provides authority and more brand visibility.

  • Support semantic search

    Google semantic search pays attention to the meaning about the queries of the search instead of the traditional matching of the keywords. This means that when you are searching for something vague as “How old is the yellow bird in Sesame Street?”, you will get the perfect result that Big Bird is a 6-year-old. Structured data helps Google to better understand the content of your pages and show them for more relevant Google search queries.

  • Help your E‑A-T

    E-A-T is an abbreviation for expertise, authoritativeness and trust. Those three elements are what Google searches for in a website. Structured data provides Google with information about the content of your website and its authors.

Structured data tool creates the best content

A structured data tool helps you to mark up the key elements of your website, so that Google can easily understand the content of your page. Once the data are better visible for Google, your website will be presented more attractive and in other ways on Google Search. Want to know more about our structured data tool? Get more information here.