Schema checker

Structured data provides Google in a standardized way with more information about the content of your web page. By giving Google explicit clues about your web page, Google will understand your page easier and will make it better visible in search queries. The structured data needs to be applied via a particular format. If you use the correct syntax, the machines will also process it properly. JSON is the format the Google mostly recommends. This format is also the easiest to use because you don’t need to implement HTML parts. when you add JSON to your website, it immediately tells Google what the key elements on your web page are. You can place this script anywhere in either the body or head section of your HTML code. Want to know more about the Schema checker for your web page? Click here for more information about source code.

Checking your Schema with a validator

It is not wise to deploy code in your web page without testing it first. Therefore you need a validator to test your structured data. You go to the validator or testing tool, enter your URL of the code snippet and will see immediately if your code is valid. With a schema checker you can understand the structure of the JSON data. What is easy about a Schema checker is that you don’t have to know the specific details of the code. For example, you don’t need to know how all the parts of an electric motor bond together if you only want to drive to pick up some groceries in the supermarket. With the testing instrument you can simply copy your code in the tool and it will tell you where the weak spots are. Then you can repair these quickly for better structured data.

Schema checker for more visibility in Google

Structured data makes Google understand what the key elements of your website are. Although this doesn’t mean your web site will immediately end up higher in the ranking of search queries on Google, it does have many other benefits. Your web site can be used for the rich results or become a Knowledge Graph in Google for example. This will give your brand more visibility and a better amount of click through rates. Structured data also helps with Google semantic search, for relevant semantic queries that are more vague. With the basic information you provide in the structured data, you can show your authority, expertise and trust. A schema checker makes sure the structured data provided for Google is as attractive as possible, so that Google will use it to the fullest. Want to know more about our Schema checker? Get more information here.