HTML Formatter

By removing all unnecessary character from a HTML source code with a HTML Formatter, you can easily enhance the functionality of your website. Viewers of your page will need less bandwith when accessing your website. Moreover the load time will be shorter. Because a compressed html code improves the site speed and accessibility enormously, this will give the visitor of your website a better user experience. Moreover, a website that is userfriendly gets a better ranking in the Google search results. Want to learn more about a HTML formatter? Get in contact with us via our webpage.

The advantage of a HTML formatting

During the creation of a website with source code in HTML, CSS files or Javascript, developers have a habit of using spacing, comments and well-names variables to shape the best designed codes that are simple to read for themselves. And extended and lenghty source code also is a guidance for other developers who continue to work on your webpage at a later time. During the development phase an extensive source code therefore has a certain purpose. When the website is finished, it is key to make the HTML source code as short as possible for the visitors of your page. Servers and web browsers need to seperate every part of the content and determinate what the content is about. This is easier without comments and extensive source code. Creating a compact source code therefore will create more traffic to your website.

How to apply HTML formatting in your website

The art of creating a compressed, well-working HTML code isn’t that hard. You simply have to remove all the whitespace, comments and semicolons within the source code. It is also important to use shorter versions for variable names and functions. By using this method, it is possible to reduce the file size up to sixty percent. Therefore formatting the HTML source code is nowadays standard practice between website developers. The biggest develop programs of HTML content also provide in one way or another a form of HTML formatting.

Use a HTML Formatter for shortening the source code

As explained, shortening your HTML source code can create a better user experience for the visitors of your website. When a page loads within a shorter time period, viewers will browse easier between pages and come back sooner for another visit. Managing and writing shorter HTML source code can be difficult though. Especially when the HTML source code is part of a large file. When you remove the wrong parts of the HTML code, it is also possible that you end up with a webpage that doesn’t function at all. Therefore it is important to use an automated tool as a HTML formatter. With a HTML formatter, the tool will find and select the parts of the HTML content that can be removed without problems. You keep the original and uncompressed file of the website on your main server, while the HTML Formatter created a shortened version on the caching server. For more information about a HTML Formatter, get in contact with us via our webpage.